Nitro Snowboards Camp Good Times

Das Nitro Team hat sich auf dem Kitzsteinhorn für eine Woche voll von irrsinnigem Super-Spaß versammelt, inklusive jibben, Stunds und Lausbuben-Streichen. 

„Built For Good Times that is the idea behind everything we build at Nitro.

We want to create products that provide people all over the world with a good time on and off the mountain. The next logical step is to start having camps all over the world that focus on Good Times on and off the mountain. This year we hosted our first Camp Good Times at Kitzsteinhorn, Austria together with Elooa Snowboard Camps and invited 100 plus campers (regular snowboarders), all of our design team, owners, distributors, sales reps, and most of the Nitro Team to shred together for a week.

Over 160 snowboarders came from over 10 countries, Americans, Chinese, Germans, Swiss, Russians, Australians, Italians, Swedes, Norwegians, Finns, Frenchmen, Slovanians, Czechs, and Croatian, to have a good time with the entire Nitro family. Almost the whole Nitro Snowboards family showed up including the two founders, Sepp Ardelt and Tommy Delago, Marketing Team Andi Aurhammer and Knut Eliassen, including team superstars like Eero Ettala, Elias Elhardt, Griffin Seibert, Sven Thorgren, Marc Swoboda, Gjermund Braaten, Benny Urban, Dominik Wagner, Torgeir Bergrem, Ana Rumiha and many more!

Everybody knows that snowboarding is a good time, but there is something special, almost magical, when there is over 160 snowboarders riding a park together for the same reason – for good times. We would go up to the mountain everyday and just take laps through the custom park that Kitzsteinhorn had set up for us, and film everyone for our upcoming mini Camp Good Times movie. “It was so inspiring riding down the hill with Tommy and Sepp, and than being able to take the chair lift up with a camper and just talk about new tricks and why he is so into snowboarding” said Eero Ettala. There are not too many companies out there any more where the founders take park laps with their kids and die hard fans and just enjoy the moments between turns or features together.

Everyday we would all have breakfast together, and get stoked for the day to get started on hill. Campers, Nitro Family, and Team Riders would all lap the park all day only to stop to watch some filming sessions go down or grab some food and beer at our BBQ spot right in the middle of the park. After snowboarding we would all go down to the hotel and start playing soccer together, or skate the mini together, or have heated ping pong tournaments. The best Ping Pong players of the week were hands down Eero Ettala and Elias Elhardt, they must have won over 200 games each during the week. There were a few times though when a camper would beat them, and the smile on the campers face would be unforgettable, they would be so happy they could turn anybody‘s frown upside down just by looking at them. That is what Camp Good Times is all about mixing the pros, Nitro family with the regular snowboarders, because we are all the same – we all love snowboarding.

On Friday night we arranged a special party event at the local Kaprun Castle where we had the whole place to ourselves and Marc Swoboda´s band played all night long, with Nitro Co-Founder Tommy Delago ripping the drums. It was a magical evening that ended in some really funny stories, which I can´t share here because they were that outrageous. Just imagine 160 pretty “happy” people wandering an abandoned castle until 3 in the morning – funny stuff is going to happen. The camp was so much fun we have already booked it again for next year and we will try to create a few more camps at different locations next season as well, so stay tuned to find out more information on, our Nitro Facebook, Website (, and Instagram (@NITROUSA). Remember the snowboard was created and designed for one thing – Good Times!

We hope to see you all at our Nitro Camp Good Times next year!“

Song: Liam Back – Immature D



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