Fredrik Perry & Erik Karlsson – „Methods of Prediction“ Full Part

Auf Think Thank kann man sich verlassen – und zwar auch in Europa. Richtig heiße Shots in ‚Methods of Prediction‘!

„At Think Thank we like our Europeans in one place in the video where we can keep an eye on them, make sure they aren’t ripping harder than us Americans or spreading any sort of socialist agenda. Well, it backfired. Fredi Perry attacked us with his steez (again) and one of a kind creative flow while Erik „Creepy K“ Karlsson (aka „I Have A Question Erik“) slammed us over the head with a Swedish meatball (or fish) of a gap / rail assault. For the first time since 1905 Norway and Sweden put their disputes aside to dominate this 2.5 minutes of „Methods of Prediction“, and we couldn’t be happier. There were doomsday predictions of ruined flat screen TVs and unwarranted scarf wearing, but in the end it was just good times with some great boarders from different borders. The TVs were tubes (so no one except Lucey cared they got ruined), the scarves were warranted (on account of „Football“) and the socialist agendas well received. Skal! Skol!

Den ganzen Film gibt’s auf oder iTunes.“



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