Alle Filme von IsenSeven bis Weihnachten kostenlos verfügbar

Ja, ist denn heut' schon Weihnachten? Spätestens nach dieser News fragst du dich das auch.

IsenSeven feiert 20-Jähriges und lässt ordentlich was springen. Aus gegebenem Anlass präsentieren sie zwar leider keinen neuen Snowboardfilm, sondern schenken uns bis Weihnachten kostenlosen Zugang zu all ihren Raritäten. Das ist doch mal ein echtes Highlight zum Jahresabschluss.

Dieses Jahr Weihnachten wird „Das letzte Einhorn“ wohl eher von „IsenSeven loves you“ ersetzt, Silvester läuft anstatt „Dinner for one“ bei uns „a way we go“ – Amen!

Und wir schwelgen in Erinnerungen mit der Hoffnung, eines Tages durch das Insta-Feed zu scrollen und den neuen Trailer für einen Movie aus dem Hause IsenSeven zu entdecken.

Hier findest du die Spotify IsenSeven-Playlist.


Den Anfang mach ihr erster Streifen „New Noise“.
(Der Artikel wird stetig mit den IsenSeven Filmen erweitert.)

Isenseven selbst dazu:

„Back then we got 300 VHS copies made which we paid for ourselves and we had to insert the video cover as well which we had made at a copyshop. The videos were given out for free to our friends, family and anyone that wanted one. Soon we were out of original VHS copies so we started burning it on DVD’s at home and sent them out to people that ordered them via email. They only had to pay shipping costs. The „premiere“ of the movie was held in Stefan Templers back yard in our hometown Isen in August 2002. We had all our friends over from all over the place and the whole Garmisch snowboard gang we hung out with also came by. Actually so many people caught wind of our party that the street infront of Stefans house was so packed with cars that nobody could get by anymore. We often talk to our friends from back then and everyone always reminisces over that party. Somehow a few people in the industry got a hold of our VHS copy and before we knew it we had a half page review in Pleasure Magazine. We almost shit our pants the first time we read our crew’s name in a magazine. From then on we started to get a little bit of recognition in the snowboard world and people thought it was a good idea to push us….and that’s how the movie making began. „New Noise“ was filmed by everyone in the crew and our friends that rode the legendary Zugspitze with us, day in and day out. We only used some crappy handycams that some of us had. Vincent, Alex and Julian took care of the editing. Everything was done in Adobe Premiere. No After Effects and no color correction what so ever. There was absolutely no budget involved in this movie and we did it just for the fun and the love of snowboarding, movie making and our friends. The Isenseven crew in this movie is: Bernd Pösl, Moritz Garhammer, Alex Rieger, Simone Schreck, Stefan Templer, Vincent Urban, Martin Wandinger, Julian Bloch, Silvia Mittermüller, Alex Schiller, Basti Ruhland, Jonas Bloch, Clemens Krüger. The friends riding in „New Noise“ are: Sven Kueenle, Rainer Lanz, Christophe Schmidt, Martin Bauer, Michi Bauer, Thomas Stamm, Lukas Draxl, Juho Frielander, Jonee Pülz, Alex Hlawitschka, Tom Kallay, Andre Tröltzsch, Beni Kucher, Berti Willer, Madeleine Schrank, Walter Strbad, Flo Geis, Flo Bürgel. The Aresforai crew is: Rasmus Tikkanen, André Kuhlmann, Julius Kerscher, Alex Wottrich, Felix Schmidt, Flo Stredele, Toni Baier, Tassilo Hager, Andi Kuban, Vesa Riste, Benni Jarosch, Andi Brachwitz, Matthias Zellner, Robin Creswell, Alex Strasser, Dani Christmann, Riku Tahko. Thank you to everyone from back in the day. The GAP 1328 Summercamp and Zugspitze days are unforgettable and we owe a lot to the people from back then. And also huge thanks to our friends from Isen and around there for supporting us and always helping out. We hope you enjoy our first try’s in riding and filming.“

„Tripoli“ ist der zweite Film der IsenSeven Crew und wurde 2003 veröffentlicht.

„Back then we figured that this DVD thing might catch on in the future so we actually got DVD’s made. Wow, so progressive huh?
Not much changed since „New Noise“ the year before. A few new faces, „faked“ 16:9 aspect ratio and some basic color correction (push that contrast and saturation baby!)“ – IsenSeven

IsensevenLovesYou! (2004) FULL MOVIE

„IsensevenLovesYou! was our third film and this was actually the first time that we had sponsors. Now, we still had to work our day jobs while producing this film but we were able to finance a few trips, a new camera, the DVD production and some beers for the crew. And most importantly: This was when Pleasure Magazine came in and became the official media partner. A relationship that would flourish over the next decade and stay with us until today!
This was the point where Vincent and Alex seriously considered becoming full time producers of the films in the future.
And this was also the first time we brought in more friends to have their own parts in the movie. Before that it was the core crew that had their parts and everybody else got a section in the „friends part“. This is where we really started expanding the crew and it was also the first time the Strauss Twins and Marco Smolla were featured.“

…well? (2005) FULL MOVIE

„…well? What does that even mean? It’s something Andre Tröltzsch would just sometimes add after a sentence. It’s weird. We’re weird. And we named our movie after it.
We finally became somewhat more professional. Vincent and Alex quit their day jobs and became fulltime producers, filmers, directors, editors, babysitters of Isenseven. Big trips with the crew became an essential part of the season. We embarked on our very first Norway RV trip (which would become a tradition over the next years), one half of the crew spent 6 weeks in Tahoe and all kinds of other fun stuff happened. There were some new faces in the crew like Chris Patsch, Vinzenz Lüps and Marek Sasiadek. Marek and Chris were actually the very first non German riders that officially joined the crew. And now finally Marco Smolla and the Strauss Twins were promoted from being in the “friends section” to having their own full parts in the film. This was also the first time we started adding some gimmicks to the DVD, like the now famous booklet. Back then it was called the “Mini Pleasure” and was written and designed by the guys at Pleasure Mag and it basically looked just like a Pleasure Mag. Just smaller and only featuring Isenseven Riders.“

Mehr zu den News findet ihr in den Story-Highlights der Isenseven-Crew.

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